Thursday, April 5, 2012

A bit about myself....

This, is me. 
I would like to bring things down to a human element if I could, to break away from the  impersonal world that thrives in the blogosphere. Though you may never meet me, there is a real person sitting on the other side of this odd relationship, a  person who is probably sipping a cup of coffee that unfortunately did not go towards her starbucks gold card and wondering why her fingers are so cold. This short, quirky, almost-red head is a first-year student at Marymount College. She loves that she can see the ocean and Catalina island from her window as she writes this and that she is safely indoors where she can’t get skin cancer (she has very freckly skin). She is thrilled to be alive and loves exploring life! Thus far, her adventures have taken her into books, music (she adores that spotify connects her with mainstream and obscure artists for free!), cooking (she especially likes to explore ethnic cuisines) and all over the United States. At Marymount, the fields of Global Studies and Business have piqued her interest and she plans to major in both. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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